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*Also available in the Ancasta Bundle.


  • The only reason most people will have ever heard of Tifdin is if they've consumed the delicious imbibements produced at the Vinedrawn Winery. For those that have visited the town however, they'll know if it for a far different reason: it's populace is made up of almost exclusively Tieflings! Found just eastward of Rochdale, Tifdin was originally founded by a couple of struggling Tiefling families who settled here when they were forced from Rochdale long ago. Although Rochdale's diversity has essentially inverted since then, most Tieflings prefer to stay in the surrounding area of Tifdin. Due to its location, the town sees few visitors, but that has changed recently as groups of traveling sellswords make their way through town on their way to the encampment on the other side of Lake Riona...


    This product contains:

    • Variations without labels or text
    • Variations in grayscale or black & white

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