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For as little as $1 a month, patrons enjoy 5 new releases each month including dozens of maps, multiple asset packs, exclusive adventures, and higher tiers extras like creature tokens, VTT-prepped modules, and  even the opportunity to commission your own map as a part of your patronage. And that is to say nothing of the years of backlog content that you gain immediate and easy access to upon signing up.


Pilgrim Tier



($1 per release)

  • Support current high-res maps

  • Free access to the last 2 years of our backlog

  • Map variants like grid/no grid, day/night, unfurnished, etc.

  • Access to our pre-converted Dungeondraft asset packs

  • Participate in polls and workshops that shape content

Strategist Tier



($2 per release)

  • All benefits from the Pilgrim Tier

  • Access to monthly token sets of 12 detailed creatures

  • Access to original statblocks for all unique creatures

  • Access to monthly vouchers for customizable counterparts to every token released via the Token Vault

Explorer Tier



($3 per release)

  • All benefits from the Strategist Tier

  • Free access to our entire backlog of content (1000's of maps, assets, etc.)

  • Access to Foundry VTT integration, modules, scenes

  • Exclusive access to the Photoshop Files of every released map

Adventurer Tier



($5 per release)

Archiver Tier



($10 per release)


Q: When and how often will I be charged?

A: Your support is charged one time at the beginning of each month--the tier you select indicates how much you're willing to put forward per release. We always release 5 new projects each month, therefore your support will be equal to your tier level x 5. Options are available to "cap" your support at certain levels with some limitations in place.

Q: Am I paying for previous releases too, charged per download, or how does that work?

A: Your support only goes towards current and future releases--our backlog of previous releases is available to you as soon as you sign up, no additional charge required!

Q: How do I actually get my hands on the content I support?

A: Each new release gets its own respective post on the Patreon with appropriate download links. We manage a Compilation Post in order to facilitate mass-downloading of content as quickly as possible for those wanting that. You can also access both the Archive and Menagerie databases here on the website that feature either links to patreon posts or direct download links when searching for specific maps, assets, and tokens.

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