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This database exists to assist you in finding any number of maps or assets from among the hundreds of creations I've released. By default the table below displays all creations in alphabetical order and includes a link to their Patreon post or their page here on this website (if applicable). The dropdown menus below can help filter the masses and make finding that particular release that much easier.

Map Preview
Map Name
Website URL
Patreon URL
Photoshop URL
4-Year Community Assets
5-Year Community Assets
6 Year Community Assets
Abandoned Cottage
Academy Assets
Academy Assets pt.2
Adahy's Home
Adventure Assets pt.1
Adventure Assets pt.2
Airship Assets 1
Alchemist's Cave
Alleyway Ambush
Amberdune Hideout
Ancestral Assets
Ancestral Assets pt.2
Apothecary Assets
Aqueduct of Old
Arctic Archives
Argolodon Frigate
Attack from Below
Axlar Cruiser
Azerian Outpost
Baba Lysaga's Hut
Bandit Camp
Blacksmith Assets
Bloodmoon Cairn
Bottleneck Island
Bremen Docks
Broken Spire Keep
Building Maps Collection
Burning Eyes Chamber
Burning Eyes Courtyard
Canyon Assets
Canyon Pass
Caravan Keep
Castle Assets
Castle Ravenloft
Cave Assets
Chalet Brantifax
Chancel of the Weary Keeper
Chase Tiles
Church of Endless Winter
Circus of the Damned
Citadel Adbar
City Assets pt.1
City Assets pt.2
City Assets pt.3
City States of Aetolia
City Walls Assets
Clash Amidst Clouds
Cloud Spire Ruins
Cloudtop Tavern
Coffin Maker's Shop
Colborn's Lighthouse
Colossus of Zeviticar
Combat Assets pt.1
Combat Assets pt.2
Combat Assets pt.3
Cragtop Citadel
Cragtop Halls: Level 1
Cragtop Halls: Level 2
Creobold's Ballroom
Creobold's Underbelly
Creobold's Underbelly (new)
Crystalline Rift
Crystalline Throne Room
Cult Assets
Cuthari Conchel Cruiser
Derelict Well
Desert Assets
Desert Ruins
Destroyed Assets 4
Destroyed Assets pt.1
Destroyed Assets pt.2
Destroyed Assets pt.3
Devil's Bay
Dominion of the Deep Mother
Dragon Barrow Aboveground
Dragon Barrow Underground
Drowned Archives - Lower
Drowned Archives - Upper
Drowned Caverns
Dungeon Assets
Dungeon Entrances pt.1
Dungeon Entrances pt.2
Dungeon Entrances pt.3
Dungeon Entrances pt.4
Dungeon Tiles 1
Dungeon Tiles 2
Dungeon Tiles pt.3
Dureban Foothills
Elemental Assets 1
Elemental Phylactery
Elisha Burrow
Ellex Frigate
Farm Assets
Farm Assets pt.2
Festival Assets
Feywild Assets
Fire Giant Lava Forge
Firefly Cellar
Fistandia's Mansion
Food Assets
Forest Assets
Forest Maps Collection
Forest Treaty Circle
Fort Duskmark
Fort Torgorn
Frostmaiden Cave
Frozen Laboratory
Furniture Assets pt.1
Furniture Assets pt.2
Furniture Assets pt.3
Furniture Assets pt.4
Gallipot's Gulch
Garden Assets 2
Garden Assets pt.1
Gathering Hall
General Assets
Givmaru Trading Harbor
Goblin Ambush
Golem's Waypoint
Grand Archives Temple
Grand Owl Island
Grand Owl Peak
Grass Textures
Graveyard Assets pt.1
Graveyard Assets pt.2
Gray Ruins
Grayspire Well
Ground Textures Pack
Ground Textures pt.2
Grounds of the Southern Temple
Gruff & Ready
Gruumbar's Pit
Hag's Hovel
Harbor Assets
Harbor Maps Collection
Haven of the Red Quill
Hellfire Gauntlet
Helm's Hold
Helveti Tribe
Hilltop Stronghold
Hollowfang Keep
Ice Assets pt.1
Icon of Ashen Offerings
Illithid Bestiary
Industrial Assets
Industrial Assets pt.2
Ironclad Cove
Isle Grayspire
Isles of Interplanar Travel
Istari Class Friate
Iymrith's Coliseum
Iymrith's Lair Aboveground
Iymrith's Lair Underground
Kestrel Class Frigate
Keto's Caverns Lower
Keto's Caverns Upper
Korranir Dreadnought
Krahlbor's Teeth
Labour of the Hydra
Lair of the Eater
Lair of the Sixth Scale
Larry's Lease-a-Lair
Light & Shadow Assets
Lodging Assets
Lodging Assets pt.2
Low River Bridge
Lower Mines
Luminoid Plaza
Maantje's Mystical Emporium
Macmanus Mill
Magic Item Assets pt.1
Magic Item Assets pt.2
Magic Item Assets pt.3
Magic Item Assets pt.4
Magic Item Assets pt.5
Marauder's Gambit
Market Assets
Marketplace Skirmish
Mastaba of Hamukai
Mayor Duvezin's House
Meezul's Conservatory
Merciful Sanctum
Methra's Swamp
Mildred's Cottage
Minerva's Lair
Mining Assets
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