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High Quality Tabletop Maps

Since my first campaign spent crafting a homebrew world for my friends and I, maps have always played an important role in our gameplay. Using my combined illustrative skills and love of tabletop gaming, I aim to equip my fellow game masters  with the best standalone maps and map accessories that I can provide. It has been my experience that maps and other visual aids can help transform the table for you and your players and I hope that the products you'll find here do exactly that.


Q: What software do you use to create the maps?

A: Every map and asset is hand drawn in Adobe Photoshop using a drawing tablet.

Q: I recently saw one of your maps posted, but can't find it in the store. What gives?

A: The maps available in store are on a six month delay behind the maps I create and release in present day. If you can't find a map here it's likely because it's in that six-month window of maps that are only available on my Patreon--one of the perks patrons receive in return for helping to support every map I create.

Q: I play D&D in person over tabletop; how do I get my maps in hard copy?

A: Every battle map (and encounter-scale buildings and dungeons) can be easily printed to size with a 1 inch grid by printing at 200% size. You can read the guide here to be walked through how to print a battle map using a standard home printer using any of the PDFs or JPEGs included in your download. Otherwise other types of maps can be printed as large or as small as you'd like, though most come in a standard 8.5x11 inches and 300DPI resolution. Just be sure to use the correct color settings and other info preferred by your printer.

Q: How would you recommend using the assets to create my own maps?

A: Nearly every asset arrives as a PNG file, making it relatively easy to use them with nearly any image editing software. I prefer using Photoshop to do so, but those without the experience or access will be able to accomplish virtually the exact same things with programs like GIMP or

Q: Are you currently available for commissions?

A: I do have an active commissions queue that is typically open, though you will need to inquire depending on the season. You can reach me directly for information regarding commissions at:

Q: What other ways are there to support Venatus Maps?

A: I am proud to be able to say that we have a thriving Patreon page that's been going since Spring of 2017. Members there help support the maps I make on a more regular, predictable basis for me and in return enjoy perks like: Photoshop files of maps, personalized map requests, coupons for maps in-store, participation in polls to help shape the content I focus on, exclusive access to the most recent 6 months of maps not found on this site, and immediate access to 125+ maps upon subscribing.


Got a question or comment you'd like to make? Send it straight to my inbox! Feel free to ask anything regarding the site here, our Patreon page, make a suggestion for a map I should make, anything!

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