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Aquatic Attackers 01


    This set of 12 unique tokens covers a variety of oceanic-based monsters, visualizing classic enemies as well as bringing new foes to your combat. Richly detailed tokens at twice our already high resolution combined with practical variants so that tokens like the Sea Hag can also serve be found within her swampy lair. As a bonus, the statblock for the all new, horrific Thanocetus is included.

    Tokens included in this pack:

    • Aboleth
    • Giant Shark
    • Merfolk 01
    • Merfolk 02
    • Merrow
    • Quipper
    • Swarm of Quippers
    • Giant Octopus
    • Sahuagin
    • Sahuagin Priestess
    • Sahuagin Baron
    • Sea Hag
    • Thanocetus

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