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*also included in the Winter Maps Bundle

Church of the Endless Winter

  • The Church of the Endless Winter is a temple previously devoted to the local deity of the sun, but has since then been corrupted by a powerful arctic curse from an unknown source. Ice covers its walls, snow drifts pile up against the walls, and no heat seems possible beneath its roof.

    This map is one of my favorites as a game master in that it arrives in a number of useful variations. Firstly it comes as both a labeled building map and an encounter-scale battle map. Secondly it has versions where it is "intact" (as featured) as well as destroyed and even unfurnished entirely. Lastly to really drive home the usability it arrives in both its original Endless Winter form, but also as a Endless Light variant as an homage to the church's origins.

    This product contains:

    • High-res maps of the Church in complete, destroyed, or unfurnished variants
    • Labeled Building Map versions as well as isolated PNG files of each floor to drop in where desired
    • A separate light-themed version of all of the above

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