Colossus of Zeviticar

  • The Colossus of Zeviticar is a massive statue constructed by a group of insane cultists dedicated to their evil demon lord. Spanning well over 300 feet tall, the colossus acts as a set of 'gladiatorial trials' of sort, drawing in well-intentioned adventurers to die in it's chambers, thereby sacrificing themselves as a result to Zeviticar. In addition to the three-dimensional view of the exterior, top-down maps of the interior chambers, and a battle map of the final encounter, this location comes with a written mini-module outlining how I intended the different rooms to be ran when I designed it as well as introducing the shadowy Bringar monster.


    This product contains:

    • The exterior map in variations without markers and with the statue as an isolated PNG asset
    • The interior map in variations without a grid overlay and without labels or text
    • The battle map of Zeviticar's Crown in variations without a grid overlay and with the platform as an isolated PNG asset
    • A printable PDF of the included battle map
    • A written mini-module detailing the individual rooms