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Elemental Phylactery

  • The Elemental Phylactery takes the traditional source of a lich's imposing power, the promise of immortality, and makes it particularly deadly by infusing it with teleportive properties. What could be worse for your players than finally discovering its location, bypassing its arcane barriers, only to see it be whisked away to another plane, either shunting the group alongside or forcing them to rediscover it once more.

    This product contains:

    • High-res files of each of the Elemental Phylactery's maps
    • 5 Elemental Scenes: Frozen, Astralbound, Lavaside, Sandblown, and Seafaring.
    • 5 "blank" versions of each of the above, providing 5 simple bonus maps without the phylactery present.
    • Variants of all of the above with and w/o grids.

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