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Fabled Fighters 01


    This set of 11 unique tokens covers a variety of humanoid and beastial melee characters, visualizing classic enemies as well as bringing new foes to your combat. The 5 fighter tokens are especially modular with swappable weapons, armor, and in every case an "anonymous" option so that the identity of the token can be made indiscernable .The statblock for the original Draconic Gladiator  and Frostborn Gladiator tokens are available exclusively on our patreon.

    Tokens included in this pack:

    • Gnome Female Monk 01
    • Half-Orc Female Gladiator 01
    • Human Female Knight 01
    • Human Male Fighter 01
    • Tiefling Male Barbarian 01
    • Bullywug Knight
    • Minotaur
    • Centaur
    • Loxodon
    • Draconic Gladiator
    • Frostborn Gladiator

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