Forest Foes 01


    This set of 12 unique tokens covers a variety of plant-based monsters, visualizing classic enemies as well as bringing new foes to your combat. Richly detailed tokens at twice our already high resolution combined with practical variants so that tokens like the Needle Blight can also serve as a fiery counterpart. Top it all of with 6 original monsters included with personally designed statblocks for each of them. 

    Tokens included in this pack:

    • Mantrap
    • Shambling Mound
    • Wood Woad
    • Needle Blight
    • Vine Blight
    • Twig Blight
    • Bloomeyed Behemoth
    • Bloomeyed Constrictor
    • Bloomeyed Grasper
    • Woodland Kodama
    • Tropical Treant
    • Elder Treant