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Hilltop Stronghold

  • The Hilltop Stronghold map could fit under a few different labels. Although a 'building map' by appearance, it was made with inspiration from Matt Colville's Strongholds & Followers and its design reflects that. Like other building maps you could simply present the finished map to players as a representation of a keep they're infiltrating, visiting, etc. However, each distinct building in the stronghold has been separated into its own asset and a 'blank' version of the hilltop has been provided for you, making it the perfect companion piece for when you award players their very own stronghold! With pieces specifically in mind for a druid's grove, wizard's tower, temples, etc. it's meant to grow with your players as they themselves develop as characters and invest back into their keep.


    This product contains:

    • High res variations of the finished map (as featured) and a 'blank' versionof the same map
    • 13 individual building assets comprising every building found on the 'finished map', allowing it to be built and customized to the players' liking

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