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Illithid's Laboratory

  • The Illithid's Laboratory is a 32x18 square dungeon layout of a classic Underdark scene: hidden and protected by pools of lava, a small cave system has been carved out by the nefarious powers of an Illithid to be used as their personal laboratory. It is here that they carry on with their dark studies and darker experiments. Even if players manage to traverse the magma on their way to the cave, how can they hope to fare against a mind flayer in its lair?

    This Product Includes:

    • High Resolution files of the 32x18 map
    • Options with or without labels (as featured)
    • Options with or without a grid overlay
    • An "unfurnished" variant if you just need an empty cave layout + magma!
    • VTT Compressed versions of all of the above for dramatically lighter file handling in online play.

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