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*Also available in the Urban Battle Bundle.


  • The Junkyard is exaclty that--a junkyard! Likely found just outside the walls of your city of choice, this junkyard has been managed by the same curmudgeon for longer than most remember (including them). About half of their beautiful, smelly kingdom can be seen here, the mounds of junk measured in height for your reference. Whether players stumble here by accident or are sent here to retrieve something, they should probably be wary of shambling shadows lurking beneath the layers of seemingly innocuous junk.


    This product contains:

    • Variations without a grid overlay
    • A version set at a resolution for VTT
    • A version without elevation markings
    • An isolated asset for the 'house'
    • A random table for discovering junk!
    • Printable PDF at 1 inch scale

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