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Lodging Assets

  • A massive update to the freebie Tavern Assets originally released in 2017, the Lodging Assets delivers a rather heavy set of utility:

    • 3 distinct styles of building: Wood, Stone, and Brick
    • Each style comes with 70 rooms of different shapes/sizes
    • Every room comes with a no-grid and/or transparent ground variant
    • Each style comes with their own set of individual wall pieces for room customizing
    • The pack is accompanied by a set of 43 assets covering windows, doors, stairs, etc.

    And as if that weren't more than enough, the pack is further supplemented by an enthusiastically-made 'example' map of the Gilded Lily, an upscale bar boasting a rotating selection of nightly bards. Made in combination with the Furniture Assets and a smattering of others.

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