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Maantje's Mystical Emporium

  • Maantje's Mystical Emporium is a delightful, planar-hopping shop of magical mystery. It's owner Maantje is a curator of arcane curiousities and uses her enormous, hand-shaped establishment to sometimes crawl, sometimes sit in any number of locations across the realms. Teleportation portals allow easy access to the various floors inside each finger of the hand and enable you to place all manner of interesting artifacts in the hands of your players.

    This product contains:

    • High-res layout map of the shop (as previewed)
    • Encounter-scale PNGs of each floor of the shop
    • A 1-page PDF detailing some lore and background of the shop and it's owner, Maantje
    • PNGs of both the hand's exterior as well as the illustration of Maantje as seen in the location's PDF

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