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Macmanus Mill

  • Macmanus Mill is a massive 34x44, multi-level scene that encapsulates a battle map, building map, and dungeon layout all into one. A part of our Great Expanse setting, the Mill serves as an excellent location for a local gang, regional group of banditry, and also comes with an unfurnished variant so that you can make it entirely your own if need be. It's dense detail builds the scene's verisimilitude while the careful design provides any number of ways for players to strategically approach your narrative.

    This product contains:

    • High resolution files of Macmanus Mill's 2 Floors
    • An 'unfurnished' version for you to customize at will
    • Variants without Grid overlay or any labeling
    • A "DM" version with title and numbered room areas
    • A 'night' version for an approach under cover of darkness

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