• Mistgate is set into the interior of a petrified Ironwood Tree, its bark as strong as a mountainside and acting as a natural barrier to the outside world. Relatively known to others, but set far back into the forest, Mistgate does receive visitors arriving to gaze at its central waterfall and elevate buildings. The walls of the tree have been carved into to create tunnels and allowing for stairwells that lead upwards to the few buildings built above the forest's floor. Relying heavily on commerce to sustain themselves, Mistgate hosts a number of merchants and other entreprenuers which have banded together to form a branch of the Trader's Guild. Overall, this location has plenty of charm and the map itself should inspire a great sense of story in the players that visit it.


    This product contains:

    • Variations without labels or text
    • A version set at a resolution for VTT
    • A version without visible mist