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Murder at the Lodge

  • Made with our friends at Kelfecil's Tales, Murder at the Lodge is a roleplaying-focused adventure pitting the players right in the middle of an unfolding murder scene. How will the lodge's tenants react to the players' arrival? Will they be able to uncover the murderer in time?

    What's Included:

    • 13-page adventure PDF containing background notes, histories for the 7 NPCs encountered, and your choice of 4 different murder threads!
    • A 7 token set providing visuals for every NPC encountered in the adventure
    • High resolution maps for Waylorn Lodge (as pictured)
    • A pre-prepped, ready-to-play, converted module of the adventure for use in Foundry VTT

    Recommended Average Party Level (APL): Any

    Experience from Completion: Varies

    General Theme: Roleplaying, Murder Mystery

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