• Nahti-Natu (aka the Island of Illusions) is a relatively large island that boasts a few natural and.. supernatural means of protection from wayward adventurers looking for a dungeon to plunder. Besides a series of rocks and shallow rapids surrounding the island that make it difficult to navigate, mysterious mists and intentionally placed illusion glyphs populate the small waters between those rocks, causing any ships that pass through them to come out with a bewildered and confused crew. The top of the 'moutain' of Nahti-Natu is home to a shrine to Laira, the goddess of illusions. The shrine is however only a door to the larger temple built into the island, which also has a secret doorway closer to sea level on the southern portion of the island. Here's hoping Nahti-Natu will serve as the next backdrop to your naval themed campaign chapter!

    This product contains:

    • Variations without a grid overlay
    • Variations without labels or text
    • An 'empty' version for you to drop your own markers on to