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Pazuzu's Aerie

  • Pazuzu's Aerie is an epic battlefield and dungeon made in collaboration with the good folks over at DMDave adventures. The package delivers a massive 40x40 square battle map accompanied by a side-view exterior illustration and the multiple floors ("roosts") of the interior of the central pillar. Soaring columns of rock emerge from the seemingly bottomless abyssal pit below, providing a worthy challenge for upper-level characters.

    This product contains:

    • High resolution files of Pazuzu's Aerie, its exterior, and interior
    • Variants without Grid overlay or Labeling
    • PNG Files for stacking the floors of the central pillar on top of one another seamlessly
    • VTT-Compressed versions for lighter file sizes
    • BONUS: a "skyborn" variant of the map depicting the same scene in bright daylight so as to be played as an aboveground location

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