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Pugolite Crossing

  • Another location within the Great Expanse setting, the Pugolite Crossing represents the classic scenic crossing of the singular river that winds itself bisecting the territory. These 44x17 square maps come in a number of distinctly unique variants, allowing you to unfold growing narratives and repeat visits throughout a campaign. The panoramic size and multiple elevations enable a large-scale encounter to adapt to your players and the combat you design.

    This product contains:

    • High-res files of Pugolite Crossing
    • A "sabotage" variant where the bridge has been destroyed, train cars flung across the river
    • A "wilderness" variant without any manmade elements
    • Modular train track assets for use in any other map
    • Variants with or without grid
    • VTT Compressed versions of all of the above for smaller file handling in online play

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