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*Also available in the Ancasta Bundle.

Ransacked Lodge

  • The Ransacked Lodge battle map was made in collaboration with a preexisting building map known as Waylorn Lodge. In that map the quaint lodge found just off the main road is still very much intact and well kept by its owner. As you can see here, this map features the lodge after it has been visited by a horde of marauding gnolls or paid a visit by thugs following the trail of a fleeing nobleman. Together these maps are intended to be a one-two punch: present your players with a picturesque lodging and charm them with your NPCs and on their returning travels break their heart as they found the lodge in bloody shambles.

    This product contains:

    • Variations of the map without a grid overlay
    • Isolated PNG files of the both the ground and upper floors, for stacking onto the map during play
    • Printable PDF at 1 inch scale

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