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Rooted Hollow

  • The Rooted Hollow depicts a massive tree found at the center of the forest, a classic fantasy archetype. It's sprawling roots dive in and out from the earth, while boulders have slowly sunken into the ground over the centuries. A perfect backdrop for a decisive encounter with the forest's archdruid or a chance encounter with a fey creature. Bonus: arrives alongside a 'blighted' variant should your characters need to return to rid the tree of this sickness!

    This product contains:

    • High-res files of the Rooted Hollow battle map, as pictured
    • A bonus 'blighted' variant of the map depicting a more ominous mood as the tree is sickened and covered in webbing
    • Options for grid or no grid overlay for each map
    • VTT Compressed variants of all maps with -85% file size for easier play over virtual tabletop

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