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Sanctum Planorum

  • The Sanctum Planorum is a multi-planar bastion of arcane discovery and expedition originally created by the wizard Kaimorden. The entire structure contains several entrances and navigations through the major thoroughfares of the planar system. Whether the Planorum is currently inhabited by the many mages it was built to support or your players instead find it an abandoned state is completely up to you. Either way this dungeon, if quelled by your players, has the potential to reveal some secrets from the multiverse and even serve as an arcane-heavy stronghold!


    This product contains:

    • Four complete maps as they're previewed here, in high resolution and in variations without a grid overlay or text labels.
    • Individual PNG assets of every 'pocket dimension' version of each major plane featured in the Outer Planes maps (Beastlands, Elysium, Ysgard, Abyss, Gehenna, Hells, Mechanus)

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