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Scalepeak Summit

  • This 22x34 square map of Scalepeak Summit depicts the ghostly ruins of a mountaintop settlement, now left to decay and age. A partially collapsed bridge leads to the summit of the ruins whereupon a towering archway can be found. Once per year the passage of this archway alights, leading to some greater cosmic plane beyond. From this same distant realm comes the protector that guards the portal from any who should approach, a massive dragonborn sentinel by the name of Cruggle.

    This product contains:

    • High-res files of Scalepeak Summit
    • Variants with or without grid
    • Variants w/o Cruggle and/or the portal present
    • VTT Compressed versions of all of the above for smaller file handling in online play
    • A floating PNG asset of "sleeping cruggle" that can be dragged+dropped as desired
    • A one-page encounter primer detailing the background of the summit and some cursory tactics Cruggle may employ in combat

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