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Swamp Assets pt.1

  • The Swamp Assets introduces a sorely needed addition to our biome diversity amongst the Freebie packs and brings a lot to the table! Amongst its many objects and textures it boasts the following:

    • 10 Dead Trees (including 3 updated ones and color matched to this new set)
    • New giant lily pads + lily pad clusters
    • A set of swamp reeds + swamp reed clusters
    • 9  "moors" of varying sizes to create isolated bodies of water or indicate depth
    • 16 "shabby" dock pieces that match the original set from the Harbor Assets
    • 3 previous road pieces that have been "submerged"
    • Full-page "swamp" texture in seamless and transition variants
    • 2 battle-ready example maps (and one night variant!)
    • Gridless and shadowless versions of all relevant asset pieces

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