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Tarslemoor University

  • Tarslemoor University continues to stand as one of my all-time favorite maps I've ever had the pleasure of creating. Designed to be a fully fleshed-out academy of the arcane that you can drop into whichever city or location you need to. Delivering top-down views of its various floors alongside a beautiful exterior perspective this map could easily become the home of its own mini-campaign. To further increase its own utility each of the floors also arrive as separate PNG files and I've included a room list so you have an innate understanding of how the university is organized! Please note: the university is made as a setting reference for your group; it does not (yet) exist in encounter-scale.

    This product contains:

    • Variations without a grid overlay
    • Variations without labels or text
    • A 'room list' variant that details the context of every room
    • 9 PNG assets of each separated section of the university

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