Town Assets

  • Similar to the widely-enjoyed City Assets, this asset pack is a bit unique from my other sets in that it is not made for encounter maps. Instead, all of the pieces included are more making exactly what they're described: towns!

    In total the pack contains: 

    • 156 buildings of varying size, detail, and importance
    • 41 bushes, hedges, etc.
    • 21 farms or farming plots
    • 123 trees or tree clusters
    • A water-themed folder with boats, bridges, piers, and bodies of water
    • A miscellaneous set containing statues, wells, rocks, and ruins
    • 2 simplified ground textures to use as a foundation
    • 5 'Crossroads' templates to quickly drop on top of the ground to create instant roadways
    • Shadow and non-shadow variants of all of the above
    • A finished example Town Map of the settlement of Lorempina