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*Included in the adventure: Mind Prison

Drowned Archives

  • The Drowned Archives is a multi-level dungeon intended to be accessed via the Grayspire Well. At one point used as an archive and living quarters for a group of studious monks, that was changed when it was forced to be used as a holding pen for a captured Aboleth. The Upper Level begins as mostly flooded and through mechanisms scattered throughout can be drained, as is represented in various flooded states of the Upper Level map. The Lower Level, once accessed, is protected more linearally with a series of traps and other obstacles, culminating in the final chamber where a constant Prismatic Wall spell prevents your players from accessing your artifact of choice or the imprisoned Aboleth. A battle map for that final chamber (as previewed) is included as well as my own notes on running the Archives.


    This product contains:

    • Variations without a grid overlay
    • Variations without labels or text
    • Multiple maps of the Upper Level in various states of flooded
    • DM versions of both Levels with relevant notes
    • Battle map of the final chamber
    • Printable PDF of the battle map
    • Written context of the chambers and my own notes on running the dungeon

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