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*Also available in the Grayspire Bundle.

Grayspire Well

  • Grayspire Well is the largest and most integral building on Isle Grayspire, located in the middle of Lake Riona in the Ancasta Flatlands. Though the isle is seldom visited (when there are those who are even aware of it), this building is thought to be an ancient and abandoned temple of some sort. Little remains in the interior floors of the temple, aside from a partially melted statue at the very top, along with small rivets carved into the stone that appear to lead underground. At the ground level is a 40ft well descending into darkness, by which the Grayspire gets its name. In our campaign setting this well leads to the Drowned Archives dungeon, though it could be anything you desire.


    This product contains:

    • Variations without a grid overlay
    • Variations without text or labels

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