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*Also available in the Ancasta Bundle.


  • Located on the southern end of the Ancasta Flatlands between the Ancasta River and the Sunlit Wood, the hidden village of Gleamshore has been home to a thriving tribe of Wood Elves for centuries. A humble group that prefers to avoid the politics of the valley and appreciates nature for what it offers them, this map reveals parts of how the tribe conducts itself from its chief's home, to the gathering hall, to its hallowed Tree of Legacies, beneath the branches of which lies every past member of its tribe. Gleamshore exists as a somewhat more non-traditional town map that your players will feel like they've stumbled upon something 'hidden' when found OR could equally serve as a great backstory prompt for any players looking to make a wood elf character in your campaign.


    This product contains:

    • Variations without labels or text
    • A version set at a resolution for VTT

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