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*Also available in the Ancasta Bundle.

Ancasta Flatlands

  • The Ancasta Flatlands is a province from my own campaign setting set towards the eastern side of the kingdom's valley where it is characterized by its grasslands and being separated from the rest of the realm by the Sunset Gorge. Virtually every location found in this region has a corresponding map so that the setting has a tremendous sense of depth and verisimilitude. Between the countryside villages of Poaret and Tifdin, the hidden tribe of Gleamshore, the settlement of Rochdale, or the mercenary camp in the Shrouded Encampment, your players will have many choices in where to explore and you will have plenty of opportunity to take preexisting content and make it your own.


    This product contains:

    • Variations without a grid overlay
    • Variations without labels or text
    • A 'Player Version' where hidden locations are not visible on the map (Gleamshore, Whitescar Guild, etc.)

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