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Krahlbor's Teeth

  • Welcome to Krahlbor's Teeth (crawl-bore), a dangerous and rarely used trade route characterized by its numerous jagged spires of rock. These rocky forms are often thought to resemble teeth by passing merchants and smugglers alike, hence their name (as well as borrowing from the title of a storied leviathan). As you'll notice in the preview this map was made specifically to help supplement the assets found in the Ships & Sailing Assets Pack. In it you'll find 21 rock spire assets and a medium and large map made with those spires like the one previewed.

    This product contains:

    • 21 Rocky Spire assets, with and without shadows and/or water ripples
    • A standard 8.5x11 battle map made with those spires
    • A supersized 17x22 (34x44 in print) battle map also made with those spires
    • Gridded and gridless variations of both
    • Printable PDF at 1 inch scale

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