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Shrouded Encampment

  • Most of those dwelling in the Shrouded Encampment probably wouldn't refer to it as a 'town', but since its recent inception it has certainly taken on some qualities that resemble one. The camp's tavern, The Watchful Blade, is packed with mercenaries paying for drinks to unwind after days spent building fortifications, working in camp, or going on expeditions to the nearby Isle Grayspire. The few old, stone structures that predate the camp like Narameer's Tower loom above most of the tents spread throughout camp. In our campaign setting players had to infiltrate the mercenaries here in order to trick their way on to one of the expedition groups--I imagine your own players would have fun on a similarly covert mission!


    This product contains:

    • Variations without labels or text
    • Variations in grayscale or black & white