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*Included in the adventure: Mind Prison

*Also available in the Grayspire Bundle.

Isle Grayspire

  • At one point what the peoples of Isle Grayspire were building could have been referred to as a 'town', but no longer. Abandoned and more of an archeological site than a settlement, this location is also mapped out in the Gray Ruins battle map and Grayspire Well building map. In our campaign setting the Isle is frequently surrounded in varying amounts of mists and is being explored by a rogue mercenary group interested in the rumored archives below the Grayspire temple (aka The Drowned Archives). This location is just begging you to put your dungeon of choice below the island and to fill it with skeletons, slaags, firenewts, or whatever else strikes your fancy after your players arrive here by boat (preferrably, The Uniter).


    This product contains:

    • Variations without labels or text
    • Three versions, each with varying amounts of mist present surrounding the island

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