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*Included in the adventure: Voice of the Woods

Tavlinda's Glade

  • This serene forest opening contains a bubbling brook that spills forth into calm waters dappled with sunlight. Oh, what's that small island in the middle of the water? Why that's Tavlinda's Glade, the home to a fey spirit known by the few locals who've encountered her and she is oh so glad that you've decided to visit her today. Use Tavlinda when your players get a little too big for their britches or instead when they may need a benevolent blessing from a whimsical forest spirit.

    This product contains:

    • An option without Tavlinda's island, simply a normal glade
    • Variations of both without a grid overlay
    • Tavlinda's island as a separate PNG asset
    • Printable PDF at 1 inch scale

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