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Voice of the Woods

  • Made with our friends at Kelfecil's Tales, the Hag's Curse is an underwater mystery adventure that pits players against what was long thought to be only stories...

    What's Included:

    • 15-page adventure PDF containing lore, encounter notes, and the details of the adventure contents found within the Forest Campsite, Woodland Home, and Corrupted Glade.
    • A 5 token set providing visuals for every enemy encountered in the adventure
    • High resolution maps for Forest Campsite, Woodland Home, and Corrupted Glade (as pictured).
    • A pre-prepped, ready-to-play, converted module of the adventure for use in Foundry VTT

    Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 8

    Experience from Completion: ~16,000 XP

    General Theme: Mystery, Exploration

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