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Whitescar Guild

  • Hidden within a section of the Dimgrove in the Ancasta Flatlands, the Whitescar Guild is home to a band of outlaws and sellswords desperate for coin and notoriety. Shacked up in an abandoned, overgrown keep with part of the second floor caved in, most of the highwaymen here were recruited from nearby towns and villages in the province. Lead by a figurehead with a distinguishing facial abnormality, the guild members use the keep as a place to lay low when they're finished ambushing a merchant's caravan or scavenging small groups of homes in the lowlands. A great location for your players to infiltrate or find resonating empathy with their own sense of rebelliousness.


    This product contains:

    • Variations without a grid overlay
    • Variations without labels or text
    • An 'empty' variation ready to be customized to your desire
    • Individual PNG assets of both the top and bottom floors

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