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Arcane Adversaries 01


    This set of 11 unique tokens covers a variety of tundra-based monsters, visualizing classic enemies as well as bringing new foes to your combat. The 5 wizard tokens are especially modular with swappable weapons, spells, and in every case an "anonymous" option so that the identity of the token isn't visible. The statblock for the 2 original tokens of the Mana Leech and the Mage Golem can be found exclusively on our patreon page.

    Tokens included in this pack:

    • Dragonborn Female Wizard 01
    • Dwarf Male Wizard 01
    • Elf Male Wizard 01
    • Human Female Wizard 01
    • Human Male Wizard 01
    • Clay Golem
    • Flesh Golem
    • Stone Golem
    • Mage Golem
    • Shield Guardian
    • Mana Leech

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