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Notable NPCs 01


    This set of 12 unique tokens covers a variety of humanoid NPC characters within a "commoner" theme. Perfect array of options for townsfolk in a roleplaying scene or as vulnerable liabilities to protect during an encounter. All tokens come in multiple color palette variants and in several instances come with swappable accessories and/or racial traits.

    Tokens included in this pack:

    • Dragonborn Male Commoner 01
    • Dwarf Female Commoner 01
    • Dwarf Male Commoner 01
    • Elf Female Commoner 01
    • Gnome Female Commoner 01
    • Gnome Male Commoner 01
    • Half-Orc Male Commoner 01
    • Human Female Commoner 01
    • Human Male Commoner 01
    • Human Male Commoner 02
    • Tiefling Female Commoner 01
    • Tiefling Male Commoner 01

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