Redtooth Warcamp

  • Redtooth Warcamp is the latest incursion in a plight of outposts set up along your campaign's wilderness countryside. Whether manned by gnolls, orcs, kobolds, or whatever other militant monstrosities you can imagine, this map delivers the perfect setpiece for a player-driven mission. An imposing wall + gatehouse surround the perimeter, but an interprising scout may notice the cave just outside camp with a convenient (if narrow) craggy opening to one of the caverns within the camp. Are your players here to free a captive? Assassinate a general? Or deliver a peace offering?

    This product contains:

    • High-res files of the Redtooth Warcamp
    • Variants with or without grid
    • A unique "Nighttime" variant with or without grid
    • VTT Compressed versions of all of the above for smaller file handling in online play