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*Included in the adventure: A Gathering of Witches

The Arched Repository

  • The Arched Repository is a 17x30 square map of a sprawling library area in the archives, museum, or learning institution of your choosing. Shelves abound and stairs lead to soaring walkways overhead. At the far end of the repository are tall windows letting in illuminating light, but curious explorers may stumble upon a secret staircase leading to the more foreboding sanctum hidden down below...

    This product contains:

    • High resolution files of the Arched Repository and the Sanctum
    • Variants without Grid overlay
    • Several variants including unfurnished, daytime, the hidden sanctum, and with lanterns alight!
    • Overlay PNGs for bridges and the hidden staircase
    • VTT-Compressed versions for lighter file sizes

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